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...Asaka Japanese Restaurant... - Dining in the Indianapolis Area [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dining in the Indianapolis Area

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...Asaka Japanese Restaurant... [Dec. 21st, 2005|09:40 pm]
Dining in the Indianapolis Area


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[music |Gackt - orenji no taiyou]

Name of Restaurant: asaka japanese restaurant
Location: 6414 e 82nd st
Type of Food: japanese
Average Cost Per Meal: depends how much you eat and when you go (HHST)
Methods of Payment Accepted: cash and all major credit cards (including diners!)
Website (if applicable): www.asaka-restaurant.com

Comments, What you ate, what you thought, etc.:

i took my girlfriend to asaka this evening for our early non-traditional christmas dinner. we arrived around 1830 and sat at the sushi bar, which was quite nice. when we arrived, there was still 30 minutes of happy hour sushi time left (it runs from five through seven on all days except monday), so we started checking off our nigiri selections: 4x maguro (tuna), 4x sake (salmon), 2x ebi (shrimp), 10x unagi (eel). during HHST, all nigiri is $1/piece, except for hamachi (yellowtail) and unagi (eel) at $1.50/pc and hand rolls at $2.50 each. my dame drank ocha while i had a couple cups of iced oolong tea.

while we waited for the nigiri (there were plenty of people in the restaurant, so there was a wait for the sushi), our waiter (mike) brought us our noodles. my girl had the tempura udon (deep fried shrimp & vegetable), while i ordered a kitsune udon (deep fried soybean tofu) for myself. we happily ate our noodles (i slurped, as usual) and mike brought us the sashimi appetizer a i ordered to tide us over (lol) while the nigiris were being made. this was 5 pieces of sashimi, including maguro, ebi, and tako (octopus). very very tasty. we finished our noodles and the sashimi and, a couple of minutes later, our nigiris were out.

oh what a feast it was. 20 pieces of beatifully crafted nigiri in one of their typical giant round tray plates. the first bites we had literally melted in our mouths (well, every bite did), as nearly orgasmic sighs of pleasure escaped us. it was stupendous, and i can definately say this is the best sushi i've had in town (even though i've only been to three other places - ocean world, sakura, and wasabi on 82nd). we finished our nigiris, feeling well satisfied, but i craved more. i just couldn't help it, so i ordered two pairs of maguro nigiri. there was a tiny bit of a wait, due to a large party in one of the rooms, but when i got my maguro, the masterful sushi chef gave me an extra bonus piece, for being so patient. he nodded to me and apologized "sorry for the wait," all while i bowed my head, saying "it's okay. thank you, thank you!" i was so grateful for the extra piece and the wonderful sushi he made for us.

i had some ocha while enjoying these last pieces of maguro and asked for the check. i was in for a big surprise when mike brought the check back. to my amazement, our extravagant feast came out to $60.40, a whole $20 less than i had anticipated. here we were, absolutely satisfied (read: stuffed) from sashimi, udon, and lots of nigiri, and for a lot less than we thought. just amazing. i tipped mike generously, we came back home, and here i am writing this review of our night.

it's very helpful if you make reservations as it can get rather crowded during happy hour sushi time. when we arrived, nearly all the tables were occupied. i highly recommend this restaurant, even though we didn't have any of the non-sushi or non-noodle plates. asaka gets an eleven out of ten from this japanophile.

[User Picture]From: anfrey
2005-12-22 11:24 am (UTC)
aye, i was too, but all turned out well
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